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FinTech has proven to be one of the hottest industries in the world today. Our solutions in financial technology focus on upskilling the existing workforce of our partner firms in various cutting-edge technologies that are riding the digital revolution wave. We also provide solutions for onboarding new tech talent. By doing so, we address the tech-skilling need of our clients.

The objective of our Fintech Solutions is to empower employees to thrive in a rapidly changing and technology-driven Industry

This Financial Analytics Course explores the myriad possibilities of improved financial transaction performance and revenue growth that ensue when machine learning approaches are integrated with traditional humdrum financial processes. The course lays out the potential applications of data science and analytics in the BFSI industry

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Financial analytics

This course aims at upskilling individuals in various coding languages such as Java, C++, and Python. Learners will go through extensive training and understand Agile ways of development supported with various tools. The focus is on understanding the best practices of building any micro service architecture. Candidates will also construct basic building blocks with Kotlin, understand the need for IntelliJ, pros, and cons of Kotlin as a language.

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Full stack development